Tuesday 2 November 2021

We do travel at night, sometimes!

 Saturday 30 October RWBC Illuminated Boat Parade (8 miles, 0 locks)

Liana and I were delighted to be able to take part in our club evening event, delayed from September, when we are usually still away boating countrywide. We were all very lucky to hit a window of dry weather, too.

About ten boats travelled the few miles to the lovely moorings by Drakeholes Tunnel on the Chesterfield Canal, where we winded and dressed Annie in Christmas lights and chatted to everyone passing, boaters and gongoozlers alike.

At six o’clock the procession set out back to our clubhouse at Clayworth. John had to concentrate, particularly on the bends and through bridge holes. 

I can’t get the videos to load, for some reason. Hey Ho!

He nearly crashed once, when gongoozlers’ torches were from the offside, not the towpath side! Later we heard that Barry on Lady June and Python had done just the same!

It was a great event, with over a hundred people watching from bridges and walking along the towpath with the boats. We enjoyed a fun chat with fellow members at the clubhouse later, after we had put Annie back to bed.