Wednesday 14 February 2024

Annie gets a new Cratch and Pramtop!

 13 February 2024 Preparing for the new boating season

We’ve just been to inspect our newly fitted cratch and pramtop. The old cratch and rear tonneau cover had both shrunk about eight inches (!) after ten years, so it was definitely time!

We are impressed with the pramtop sides, just what we wanted. The roof needs more support to prevent rain pooling, so an extra metal support will be fitted this week.
It will be great to be under cover when we go up and down the Trent in the rain, for example, or as an extra “sun lounge”!

We had matching pigeon box covers made to make them more weatherproof, especially in the winter. 

The cratch has some interesting features we asked for. There is an inside privacy flap on the new side windows, secured with Velcro when down. A third zip at the front lets us roll up that narrow side piece to reveal the folding cleat (near Liana’s feet on the photo), which is used by Liana to take a turn on bow ropes when using high river locks. Without it, a strong inrush of water can tear the rope out of your hands when going upstream in such a lock. It is also useful for mooring, to secure a spring rope. Well done, our fabricators from Burton Waters Marina, near Lincoln.

17 February 2024 Finishing the job

We had asked Chris from Marine & Industrial Covers to add two extra tapes to secure the cleat flap on each side of the cratch. Also, the pramtop roof needed a third support in the middle, plus accompanying Velcro flaps fitted to the roof. We are delighted to report that he has done a great job for a reasonable price. Thank you, Chris!