Thursday 4 August 2022

Down the River Severn with Karen and Nick

 Wednesday 20 July Stourport-on-Severn to Worcester (9 locks, 13 miles)

Up at 5.45am, we reached Stourport at 9.30am. John’s flowers had survived the heat wave, miraculously. Did some unknown person water them? If so, thank you! The three extra replacement planters were added to the roof display.

We moved Annie down York Street lock to use the services in the basin and water the plants using our bucket. Nick and Karen had set off at 8am, but their Sat Nav took them a funny way. We had breakfasts at The Windlass Cafe (close to the Tontine hotel/flats). They arrived just in time to do the same!

Once LIDL had been visited and car unloaded, Liana walked to the narrow staircase locks where Nick tried his hand at steering, negotiating the first double staircase and avoiding a boat coming up the other staircase, in the curved pound between  - not easy in a wind! We descended the second staircase and Nick took Annie onto the river.

John helped a bit at the huge Lincomb River Lock, where you need to secure ropes at bow and stern around vertical wire “risers” set into the lock side walls about every twenty feet.

We cruised this beautiful day through Holt Lock, past the Droitwich Barge Canal to Bevere Lock, and on the last few miles to Worcester, where John turned Annie and let Liana off at the lock pontoon before we went up the two locks into Diglis Basin at Worcester.

We moored after the water point, just off the basin.

Thursday 21 July Worcester to Tewkesbury (17 miles, 4 locks)

We had a pleasant morning walking around the town, ending up with coffee at  the Diglis Hotel riverside.

Volunteers helped us down the two locks, then we soon reached Diglis River Locks. After this, it is a straight run downriver to Tewkesbury, passing working aggregate barges on the way. Upton moorings were full, so we didn't stop this time.

Passing up the Avon Navigation Trust lock at Tewkesbury, we moored just above, paying the £5 overnight fee.

Friday 22 July Tewkesbury to Gloucester (14 miles, 3 locks)

After breakfast we all headed into town to enjoy the tudoresque buildings, the ancient Abbey and finished at Cafe Chocolat for a  treat!

Saturday 23 July in Gloucester

Sunday 24 July Gloucester to Saul Junction (8 miles, 0 locks)

Monday 25 July Saul Junction to Slimbridge (4 miles, 0 locks)

Tuesday 26 July Slimbridge Wetlands Centre

Wednesday 27 July at Slimbridge

Thursday 28 July back to Slimbridge Wetland Centre

Friday 29 - Sunday 31 July visiting the family

Monday 1 August Slimbridge to Sharpness (4 miles, 0 locks)

Tuesday 2 August Sharpness to Slimbridge (4 miles, 0 locks)

Wednesday 3 August Slimbridge to Saul Junction (4 miles, 0 locks)

Thursday 4 August Saul junction to Gloucester (8 miles, 0 locks)

Friday 5 August in Gloucester Docks

Saturday 6 July Gloucester to Haw Tree Inn mooring (8.5 miles, 1 lock)

Sunday 7 July Haw Tree Inn to Tewkesbury (5.5 miles, 2 locks)

A week away from Annie

 Tuesday 12 July - Tuesday 19 July away from Annie

Leaving Annie moored above York Street Lock and Stourport Basin, we walked, bussed to Kidderminster, by train to Birmingham Moor Street station, walked to New Street station,, train to Rugby and walk to car at Tesco’s. Had a McDonalds for lunch, then visited  the newish North Kilworth Marina on our way to Foxton  Locks. Later we spent the evening at Rachel’s, where she made us a delicious meal (Sarah was at her leaving do). Liana won (just) at Settlers of Catan before we drove home.

The next few days saw us catching up with gardening at home, plus bell ringing for John.

Saturday 16 July

Retford & Worksop Boat Club work day. It was hot, but John spent his time strimming long grass while Liana was making bacon butties, which were very well received!! Popped into McDonalds for a drink and ice cream on the way back.

Sunday 17 July 

Liana walked early with Honeypie while it was cool. John rang at Claxby church before attending the service at our local church, where visiting ringers rang a tidy quarter peal. As the next two days are forecast scorching, we decided to stay at home with Honeypie. John got a mooring extension from CRT.

Monday 18 July

Ridiculously hot. All doors, windows and curtains closed, but it still reached 28 degrees in the hall.

John drove to doctors at 2pm. He may have a kidney infection.

Tuesday 19 July 

Lianas finished Hope’s dress and braved the heat to post it.

Coningsby, Lincolnshire reached 40.3 degrees!