Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Tuesday 14 July: Work and Play!

Liana got a lift to work, so I could go to Annie and do a few jobs before joining her sailing at Lincoln with her school at 5PM.

It's that time when you start ferrying "things you may need on the trip". Quilt, yes, lifejacket, yes, strimmer  .... maybe ....

I've been cutting the grass back from jungle on the canalside mooring, bit by bit, so it now looks pretty tidy, with nettles, rampant bindweed etc etc gone from the level ground, leaving the grass to grow and fill in the gaps. You can now see the power socket pedestal and reach it without getting stung! The view across the landscape is vastly improved, so I sat enjoying it with tea and sandwich in the sun.....  I then got told I had cut it too short! Ah well ....

Tried a big carton of malt vinegar and plastic bowl to improve the dreadful brass mushrooms .... not perfect, but a considerable improvement.

As for the anchor, I have fitted a double hook to hold the front lifebuoy and attach the top link of the anchor to, to avoid it falling over. I shall report back on its success.

Wind was quite light, so we took out picos and me a larger Wayfarer dinghy singlehanded. Great fun, with its big sail area, but that night and next day I felt like I had played two rugby matches! Oh, to be young! Pass the cocodamol!

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