Sunday, 29 July 2018

July 10-14: From Christleton to Chester and on to Ellesmere Port Boat Museum INCOMPLETE

Tuesday July 10: Back to Annie at Christleton
Brother Phillip's Birthday! We had chatted with him the day before, so tidied up and drove to Nottingham to see Flo, then drove on to Christleton, where we left the car at the Cheshire Cat: They didn't seem to mind when Liana asked :) We enjoyed pate on toast there before  having a quiet night on Annie.

Wednesday 11 July:  From Christleton to Chester by Tesco

Thursday 12 July: From Chester to the Boat Museum, Ellesmere Port

Santa arrived at the Holiday Inn by narrowboat for a special July Yuletide event. We played "guess the song from the bass line" until gone midnight ....

Friday 13 July: at the Boat Museum
We always enjoy visiting the National Waterways Museum / Boat Museum. This time we were very impressed with the improvements to the exhibits: Many had modern electronic interaction with visitors. Rotting boats had been removed to a nearby warehouse to aid their restoration. The concrete Mersey flat was floating in the lower basin, close by our own mooring in front of the Holiday Inn, built on the site of warehouses destroyed by fire, sadly.
Today was a wedding at the Holiday Inn, so the music continued until after 1am, which was a bit too long for us: I suspect we won't sleep here again.

Saturday 14 July: Home again!
We decided to pay £4 a night to leave Annie at the Boat Museum while we went home to chill on Sunday; haircuts Monday plus see friends; go mad at the garden; makeover sister Dianne's garden; see the family;  celebrate Rachel's and Flo's birthdays at Nottingham; and move Jo's furniture home from Cardiff before she goes to Australia! Busy, busy, busy!
The 8X bus took us back to Chester, then the bus to our car  at Christleton, as the train would be ages.

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