Thursday, 1 October 2020

Tides and Time

 Thursday 1 October Cromwell Lock to Torksey Cut on the tidal Trent (15 miles, 1 lock)

The sun is shining as clouds scud across the blue sky, this morning. We set off on the fifteen miles to Torksey cut about 10am, to arrive about 1.30pm, hopefully. We stop there overnight, as today the tide would be too low at the time we would arrive at West Stockwith. We usually don’t ascend Torksey Lock onto the Fosse Dyke, in case the river is too low to get down out of the lock again when we want to set off, tomorrow.

I had left a phone message for lock keepers Jim and Wilf af West Stockwith, to keep two berths at the basin for Annie and Delhi, as we had heard Misterton Top Lock was out of action, stopping us going up the Chesterfield Canal. However, they told Jan that we may be able to use the lock using just the other top gate. We will see!

As a large Dutch barge passed us, we recognised Nevaeh (Heaven backwards!), whose crew we had met on our August cruise in Yorkshire.

For part of the trip, we cruised side by side.
Reaching Torksey, we turned and moored on the pontoon. Sadly,he lock  tea shop Is shut due to the pandemic, but we managed to book a meal at the White Swan for 6pm, to try their famous pies! The pies were delicious! We will go again.

 Rachel sent us a stunning picture of Honeypie on the beach at Bamburgh, at sunset.

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