Saturday 7 October 2023

Chesterfield Canal

 Saturday 7 October West Stockwith to RWBC Clayworth (11 miles, 4 locks)

Before we left we saw Wilf and Debbie before they moved blacked boats back in the water and lifted two more out ready for blacking. Also, John had a long chat with young Wilf, who now has long 12 hour shifts as lockie at Keadby as well as West Stockwith. He is unlikely to take over when his dad retires. They hope Mark, who now owns the two hire boats in the basin, will take over.

Untying Annie at West Stockwith 

Misterton bottom lock

I like the herring bone brick pattern on the bay window 
Far too many reeds in some places. The canal needs a good dredging.

Dave and Shirley on NB She’s The One warned us of low levels and shallowness. They were right. We took our time, managing 2 knots mostly, but only about 1.5 knots between the two locks at Grindley. This section needs dredging. Weather was cloudy but pleasant, although John wore wet weather gear, just in case. All the locks were ok, this time. The fancy bridge at Wiseton has had all the ivy removed, exposing the lovely but rusty ironwork. Hopefully this will be treated and painted.

the visitor mooring is cut and deep enough for mooring
Our last lock at Gringley 

Drakeholes tunnel 
We passed Dave, Shirl and She’s The One by the tunnel.
The ivy has gone.
A lone canoeist
Home at RWBC

Reaching Clayworth, we moored Annie, connected her to the mains. John did two repairs while Liana fetched the car. Then we watched Wales and England both play in the Rugby World Cup

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