Friday, 25 September 2015

Putting Annie back together and heading Eastwards

Friday 25 Sept Another fine day

We shared some locks today with a nice young couple on NB Acorn.
Annie and Acorn had to squeeze up at some lock landings

It is soooo much easier! Again, great weather meant we just carried on, enjoying the sun, all the way to the Cunning Man at Burghfield, where we spoiled ourselves again. Rugby again and deep sleep!

Thursday 24 Sept Finishing the job and moving off

John fitted the new gear change cable and adjusted it, having found that he could not get full throttle going forward. Leaving Dreweats Lock, we had a beautiful day travelling  to Newbury.
A cormorant with the ducks!

the swing bridge at Newbury

Hundreds of tourists enjoyed watching Annie as we passed through the pretty town of Newbury, and we both found ourselves answering questions about Annie and our life on the canals.
Liana often has fun chatting to interested sightseers (Gongoozlers in canal parlance)

The middle of Newbury

We filled up with diesel at Newbury Marina, then carried on to Thatcham, as it was such lovely weather.
Dinner at the Swan, filled by TV and the Rugby World Cup, finished a great day.

Wed 23 Sept tiller fitted!

John drove us down to Annie, as Liana was exhausted after her day teaching! There was time for him to get into the water, wearing his sailing dry suit and lift up the heavy rudder and put it in the bottom cup, then fit the top bush and welded tiller.
John clambering out of the canal - no idea how the double image happened!

John in his wet suit and wellies after refitting the rudder in its cup

Thank goodness for the dry suit we brought with us!
The hard bit was lifting the rudder up into position again. Here, fitting the bush and its housing was easy.

You can see Sam Howard's excellent strong weld on the stripey tiller.

Tightening up the last bolt

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