Monday, 21 August 2017

9-12 August Family interlude

Wednesday 9 August Liana's Birthday Celebrations
We gathered in Leicester with daughters Sarah and Rachel, son-in-law Matthew plus Liana's mum and sister Alison, to enjoy each other's company and celebrate Liana's birthday: Her big present is to be a new Embroidery sewing machine to complement her well-used Janome sewing machine. Matthew sneaked a win at Settlers of Catan, surprising rivals Liana and Alison, who were both very, very close to winning!!

Thursday 10 August
Back home for laundry, cutting grass and weeding, plus catching up on mail and organising our lives outside the boat!
Oh yes …... John is to get winter fuel allowance, much to his young wife's amusement!!  :/

Friday 11 August Back to Annie
We have just been told that our lovely brother-in-law has just had a stroke, and is recovering in hospital, so our most important activity today was to talk to brother and sisters and niece Jo, to check on his progress, show our love and concern usefully and give moral support.  Visiting my sister in Lincoln, we found my brother and his wife there, too, so we all had a good chance to cheer each other up.
Having cut grass and weeded at home, plus washed and dried copious laundry, and visited our friends and neighbours to catch up and collect oil and air filters for Annie, we could consider returning to Annie. The A1 and roads were busy. We had a drink in the nicely furnished boat club bar, and played Northampton table skittles before having an early night.

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