Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Hoorah! Back on Annie! Chesterfield Canal

 Tuesday 27 April Clayworth to Misterton 

Finally, we can get out on Annie! Today, we have packed the car with solar panels and my new fabricated mounting, plus food and clothing, of course. Mundane, although it was a squeeze!

After sorting the boat out inside, and installing the solar panels, John reversed Annie to the water point and serviced by our clubhouse. Once John had emptied loo holding tanks and Liana had filled the water tank, off we went - backwards through the bridge hole to the winding hole. 

Passing our friend Bryan, polishing NB Buffalo’s brasses, we set off to the tunnel at Drakeholes.

 Just before the tunnel they have reinforced the bank. You have a sharp right hand turn into the tunnel at the visitor moorings. The pub there may be reopening too!

John bow hauled Annie out of the deepish Gringley Lock, as he didn’t fancy climbing down! 

We continued through Shaw Lock and on to the bollarded visitors mooring before Walkeringham. 

There were three boats there, but we tied Annie’s stern to the last bollard and used mooring pins for the bow. As it was 1800 and teatime, we settled in for finishing my cottage pie and watching both the fun film City Slickers and Our Yorkshire Farm, which we both love.

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