Sunday, 25 July 2021

Sunday sortie

 Sunday July 25 discovering Stroud Brewery

Today, we watched more Olympics before visiting Saul Junction in the car to empty a loo cassette and visit the CCT shop. This had no Cotswold Canal Trust T shirts for sale, just polo shirts etc. 

We popped through Stroud to Brimscombe Port to walk the canal back to Ham Mill Lock. The CCT shop next to the Ship Inn was closed (open Tue, Thurs, Sat). 

After a hundred metres of piled up mound covering the canal, we followed the excellent towpath to the dug out Gough’s Orchard Lock, where you could see the normally submerged culvert entrance leading to the top gate ground paddles, which opens to fill the lock chamber. In the picture above, you can also see the top gate recesses and the wooden cill remains.

After a weedy stretch if canal, we passed  Stroud Brewery, with bar, ice creams and snacks. 

From here, the canal is in water, possibly navigable, with new mooring outside the brewery! 

After walking on to the fully functional Ham Lock, with universal joints on the paddle winding gear, we returned to the brewery for a drink (good ale, strong coffee), before going home to Annie.

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