Friday, 22 January 2016

From Nottingham to Newark

Thur 21 January 2016 Lowering skies and CRT confusion!
(Lincolnshire folk know that "Lowering" means heavy clouds darkening the sky!)

Having rung CRT today on 03030 404040 after being redirected from the Newark office by a computer voice, we were assured that the Trent was fully open. Yvonne, the nice lady, even rang us back to confirm this, as I asked her to - but I was still doubtful, even though there was nothing shown in Stoppages, apart from a bit of building at Holme Lock.
No sun today, unfortunately! Cycling back along the towpath to the boat from Liana's mum's near Trent Bridge, we moved down to Meadow Lane Lock and onto the Trent. The canal is looking trendier each time we pass by, these days.
Rejuvenating the Nottingham waterfront

Meadow Lane Lock and Trent Bridge

Crew have a decent pontoon on the river

The City Ground, beloved off Nottingham Forest fans. I went there during the Brian Clough glory days with Liana's dad, Eddie, a season ticket holder.
 The deeper water let us press on to Holme, Stoke Bardolph, Gunthorpe and Hazleford Locks. Local CRT staff were around on a "Task Day", and helped us through two locks, telling us that they thought the Cromwell Weir was still not fixed. We think messages were passed, as Cheryl from Newark phoned later, confirming this and saying we could moor above the Town Lock at Newark, as long as we were not in the way of operations.
Moral: Listen to the local CRT staff (while there are any!).
More new building on the riverside

Don't mess with the Sea cadets!

Approaching Holme Lock - watersports on right, weir and building work on left

entrance to white water rapids beyond striped posts

Some large boats were moored above Holme Lock


John dressed to be warm(ish) and dry
The river cliffs at Radcliffe on Trent

Gunthorpe Lock. Amber means you operate it yourself. You need a CRT key.

The pontoon is a little exposed to the current when picking up crew ...

Stopping at Fiskerton for Liana to catch a train to retrieve the car, we had a quick pint and coffee, respectively, at the Bromley Arms. Notice the mud still on the steps. 


John carried on past Farndon Marina and the impressive power station and weir onto Newark Dyke, mooring in a secure area above the lock - so secure that he had to put nav lights and headlight on and cross the cut to pick up Liana when she arrived!
The new power station

Newark Church in sight!

Passing Newark Marina in the dusk

Next morning we were able to get someone to unlock a gate so we could leave the boat until the river is open - next Tuesday, they say ....... :/
Secure mooring above Newark Town Lock

This is what's missing at Cromwell Weir!

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