Saturday, 15 July 2017

from Cambridge to St Ives

30 June Back down the Cam
Checking oil and water while we watered up and emptied holding tanks before leaving, John spotted that the bow thruster pump bracket had snapped, after Liana mentioned the rattle. This time it was not the engine mounting bracket which our friend Sam Howard had mended, but the metal bracket attached to it. After removing it to take to Sam, John chained the pump on top of a shelf (the swim for those who understand boats!) in the engine compartment, so we could carry on safely.
boat clubs

Liana walked to Baits Bite Lock

rowers above Baits Bite Lock

couple last met near Selby!

a sail!
After a pleasant, sometimes sunny journey down the Cam, we turned westwards at Pope's Corner and moored on the Old West River as the shadows lengthened.
110 acre EA mooring on West River near Pope's Corner

1 July Old West River to Earith and St Ives

Leaving the sailing boat at the EA Hundred Acre mooring near Pope's Corner behind the day was cloudy, pullover weather, as we travelled the eleven miles to Earith and Hermitage tidal lock through pleasant but unremarkable countryside.
Stretham Old Engine

Egret (small white heron)


Tern diving for fish

Tern in flight

enjoying the sun

At Hermitage lock, we had to wait, but the friendly Lock Keeper took us up the lock before he went for his lunch, as we had arrived before 1PM. He said to ring him if we wanted to go down the 100 foot river to Denver in the future.

The sun was breaking through, so we enjoyed the pretty trip on the Soar like tidal section to Brownshill Staunch, a lock with two guillotine gates. The tidal range is about 30cm normally, up to 75cm during Spring Tides, apparently, so moor with slack ropes here!
this Cormorant posed nicely

the cows weren't interested!

Hermitage Lock near Earrith

leaving Hermitage Lock

? ducks

Brownhills Staunch
We saw several narrowboats and lots of cruisers on the six mile trip to St Ives.

the guided buses use old train track

Ebony and Ivory

St Ives lock was busy

St Ives Riverfront

the old man was enjoying himself

We waited for four cruisers to ascend St Ives Lock before we went up ourselves, having a nice chat with the crew of the cruiser accompanying us. It reminded us of our recent trip on the Canal du Midi. St Ives looked lovely in the evening sun: We passed the marina then the Riverside, went under the beautiful stone bridge before turning, as the EA moorings were full. Passing back through the bridge arch, John turned Annie and we moored alongside the stone Riverside jetty, watched by lots of interested tourists.

After a walk around the town and drink in the Oliver Cromwell pub, we bought chips and cooked an omelette on the boat, then enjoyed the warm evening.

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