Monday, 14 October 2019

June 15 - 25 Gayton to Crick, Foxton, Crick and Braunston

Saturday 15 June Gayton Junction to Furnace Wharf, Nether Heyford (5 miles, 0 locks)

Sunday 16 June Nether Heyford to Stowe Hill (1.5 miles, 0 locks)

Monday 17 June at Stowe Hill with a visit to National Trust at Canons Ashby with Jan & Dave Warsop

Tuesday 18 June Stowe Hill to New Inn, Buckby Wharf (6 miles, 7 locks)

Wednesday 19 June Buckby Wharf to Crick (5.5 miles, 7 locks)

Thursday 20 June John at Crick painting Annie while Liana pops home (0 miles, 0 locks)

Friday 21 June Crick to Yelvertoft and beyond to bridge 27 visitor moorings (5 miles,0 locks)

Saturday 22 June Winwick bridge 27 to Foxton (13 miles, 0 locks)

Sunday 23 June down and up Foxton Locks, visited by Rachel and her church group (6 miles, 20 locks)

Monday 24 June Foxton top lock to Crick (18 miles, 0 locks)

Tuesday 25 June Crick to Braunston in the rain (9 miles, 11 locks)
After a rainy night, we waited until after ten, when the rain abated a bit. We passed through Crick Tunnel with no one else around, to emerge into light rain, which seemed to last most of the day, sadly. We joined the queue as sixth boat at Watford, and Liana helped at the locks while John emptied a couple of loo holding tanks at the top lock Elsan point.
At the bottom, Liana managed to get a young man to register with the lock keepers, rather than start coming up the locks, with six coming down!
The rain was coming down heavily as we reached Norton Turn, so John stopped for lunch before Braunston Tunnel. He needed a change of clothes, too. The cutting before the tunnel had a lot of overhanging branches (CRT please note). Later, we passed through the slightly twisty tunnel by ourselves, which must be a first. After waiting for the following boat NB Sarah Kate, we passed down four locks together. Spotting a free berth in that longer pound below the Admiral Nelson pub, we moored up for the week!
We watched an excellent soccer game between Japan and Holland this evening. Japan played surprisingly well, with quick, neat passing, and closed down the bigger Dutch girls, not giving them time to play their usual game, clearly frustrating them. Japan were very unlucky to give away a penalty in the last minutes, to lose 2-1. What a good Womens World Cup this has been.

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