Tuesday, 12 May 2015

London visit for celebrating Joanna's FRCA diploma award, plus Little Venice!

1 May 2015
Early risers, we arrived in London by train in time to meet Joanna and see her given her diploma as a Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists. Wow! We were delighted that sister Sarah saw her, too, using an extra ticket Jo got. It was great that son-in-law Matt, plus sister Rachel, could join us later.
That night we watched The Railway Children at the pop up theatre at Kings Cross. The setting was 30m of rail track with a ten foot platform on each side, plus several rolling platforms on the track: It was a very imaginative staging of an old favourite.

2 May
Next day saw Jo, Rachel and ourselves visiting Canada Water, photographing Coots, seeing the Cutty Sark and going through the Victorian Thames Tunnel to Canary Wharf. Watching Memphis at the Shaftesbury Theatre completed a great day - fantastic singers!

3 May
Sunday morning walking up Portobello Road market towards Little Venice for the Canalway Cavalcade. This time we watched the steering competition - not much room for manoeuvre, plus various boats passing through to complicate things, rather like the three point turns at the Old Turn at the Braunston Working Boat Rally parades.

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