Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Through Cowbridge Lock. Liana thinks it is a candidate for Most Challenging Lock!

9 May 2015
A lovely sunny but breezy morning saw us taking our time back along Maud Foster drain, waving to lots of passers by. On reaching the lock, I decided to come alongside the lock and tie up, so Liana could disembark safely. A pontoon and steps would help here. Also, the metal fence needs modifying, so boaters can get to the steps to cross the bridge more easily.

Liana needed the boathook to close the bottom gates (carefully!).
It was very windy, so I could not hang about, and turned under the bridge, where I spotted two or three rings on the near side, and tied up. However it was a precarious scramble down the steep bank onto the concrete under the bridge. The boathook was helpful to keep balance. On a calm day I would have edged back to the bottom gate, probably. Again, a floating pontoon and steps are needed, really. I guess these will be resolved when EA and CRT waterways become one, hopefully.

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