Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Through Cowbridge Lock to the Packet Boat Steps in Boston

8 May 2015
I forgot to say last time that I used the boat hook to push at metal hoops in the bottom gates, to close them. I made sure I wouldn't fall in if it slipped, though!

It is an interesting little adventure to try the Drains. I would recommend travelling the short way from Antons Gowt Lock to Cowbridge Lock, first time. There are no really low bridges between Antons Gowt and the Windmill.

The Maud Foster Drain makes it all worthwhile! It is broad and straight, with house and roads both sides. We were clearly an unusual sight, as people waved walking, from windows and from cars all the way! We hoped we wouldn't cause an accident!

Annie squeezed under one or two bridges after the windmill, so we could get a glimpse of the tideway through the open sluice gates at the end, where we turned easily.

The Packet Boat Steps are ok for one boat to moor. there are three or four rings in the wall, so we moored with the stern at the steps. A proper floating pontoon would be a useful addition, however.

We chatted to a few local people, many of whom seemed to be Lithuanian or Polish. From here it is a short walk into town over the Grand Sluice bridge. Boston Stump is impressive: I am lucky to have rung the bells from the ringing chamber, which is high up, with a dome in the middle from which you can look down through a small window! We saw the fair was in town, so lots of people were about. Boringly, we settled for the quiet Wetherspoons, which was fine. We had a decent night's sleep

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