Saturday, 30 May 2015

Visiting daughters and walking the Mon and Brec .... A Welsh sojourn

We have been busy looking at daughter number three's new house with my wonderful surveyor brother, Phillip, before she signs the contract. Then to number two to see her and fit shelves, hooks etc (the usual list of parental jobs! :P ). To treat ourselves we visited the Fourteen Locks Centre outside Newport (M4 jn27), on the Crumlin Branch of the Monmouthshire and Breckonshire Canal. Five locks complete and looking good! The Centre at the top was very welcoming, with nice snacks, loos and shop.
The arch to the large side pond in between the locks

Very deep locks, especially when nearly dry
I think it would be better if they removed the bund and used these for mooring or just for workboats, so they were used, but I guess they have reasons not to :( We first saw it derelict many years ago, pushing through the undergrowth and avoiding death in the mega deep locks. 167 feet drop in half a mile through  four double and a triple lock system. Most had side ponds in between, and must have worked rather like The Bratch Locks near Wolverhampton, rather than as staircase locks.

Still lots to do
Towpath bridge and short pound
At Goytre Wharf

Five miles south of Abergavenny, we found Goytre Wharf down narrow lanes, a hidden gem for an afternoon visit or base for a bike ride. We enjoyed the pretty scene, busy with changeover for hire boats. We were surprised at the large number of boats moored in the basin and canal side. The lime kiln cafe was fine.

Next stop? Our friends for a Scott family wedding. Congrats, Grace and David!

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