Wednesday, 26 August 2020


 Tuesday 25 August Selby Canal , River Aire and on to Whitley Lock (12 miles, 3 locks)

After a wet night and morning, we eventually set off for  Haddlesey Flood Lock. The canal was ok, lovely and green with not so much duckweed and floating pennywort.

At Haddlesey, the river indicator was in the green, so we headed on to the River Aire, heading upstream to Beal Lock. These four miles are very twisty, and you box the compass, seeing Eggborough power station from all angles! We passed up Beal Lock and Dole Bank Lock at Knottingley with help from two kind young men who came up behind in cruiser Secret Smile II. John was surprised when told her engine was 350HP, as Annie’s Powerful (for a narrow boat) Isuzu is 55HP!

They headed west, while we turned east towards Goole. Passing Eggborough, we moored above Whitley Lock as it started to rain.

Wednesday 26 August Whitley Lock to the Stainforth Keadby Canal

After a wet night, it was cool and windy. After good phone chats with daughter Jo and brother Phil, we set off through Whitley and Pollington Locks to the South Yorkshire Navigations.

We met RWBC member Barry on NB Lady June at the junction, briefly, always a pleasure. John was able to let him know the Aire was ok yesterday, as he was thinking about visiting Selby.

We continued south, Liana operating all those swing and lift bridges, mostly electrified, thankfully. Volunteers operated Sykehouse Lock for us. 

We waited at the junction with the Stainforth Keadby Canal, as we had been told that the weekly fuel barge was following us, coming from Hull via Goole to Rotherham. After a couple of hours we continued to Thorne, where we ate a good meal outside the Canal Tavern, which we like. Moules Mariniere starter was relish, as were the home made pies.

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