Thursday, 20 August 2020

sday 20 August Knottingley to Selby

Thursday August 20 Knottingley to Selby along River Aire and Selby Canal 13 miles, 3 locks

What a glorious blue sky day! John turned Annie and we returned the short distance to Bank Dole Lock. John took photos of the Tom Puddings at the boatyard opposite the junction.

Bank Dole Lock is very slow to fill , so we sat in the sun and felt sorry for the decaying lock cottage. The depth gauge was well in the green today, with a gentle current.

Once on the River Aire, we enjoyed the twisting turns as we travelled to Beal Lock. Liana chatted to local boaters as they helped each other. John had to work at getting off the pontoon due to an unhelpful wind!

The remaining four miles to Haddlesey Flood Lock passed uneventfully as we passed sheep and cattle. After pleasant chats with folk at the lock, we took our time and looked for fish on this short bit of canal, woody, full of duckweed and edged with reedmace, sedge and floating pennywort.

Reaching Selby, Liana operated the electric loft bridge and we moored by the lock. John organised for us to leave at 0830 to go upriver to Nanirn Lock and York.

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