Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Homeward Bound

 Sunday June 21 Wheaton Aston to Wolverhampton Boat Club and home (7 miles, 1 lock)

After a rainy night, the dark clouds did not stop us moving to the services by the lock. John emptied loo cassettes while Liana and Rachel readied the lock. Off we journeyed. 

Though cool, the embankment (or “valley” as the old boatmen called it) has a lovely view of the village of Brewood.  

The long cutting was cool and shady, but very peaceful. Liana and Rachel walked Honeypie half way to Brewood Later, Rachel and I chatted while we shared steering (she has borrowed Annie and has a little experience).

We dropped Rachel near her car, then met up at the Bist Club a short distance away.

The very helpful WBC members let in Rachel and car, and saw us to our mooring. Thank you all! 👍

Rachel took us to Doncaster Strawberry Island Boat Club, where we met the steward and members meeting happily in their clubhouse. They refused our offer of payment, as we had left the car longer than we intended due to the Lancaster COVID situation, but they refused, accepting our £20 donation to club funds. Thank you all, again.

Rachel returned to her home, while we have spent several days cutting the meadow, bushes and hedges in our overgrown garden! John has also found time to watch some of the Euros football, too!

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