Tuesday, 15 June 2021


 Tuesday June 15 at Penkridge ( 0 miles)

We have decided to wait for the large Wednesday market here (also every Saturday). We had a walk into town for a coffee and browse around charity shops, where we bought books and shorts. Walking a bit further, past the Bridge Inn, we looked down on the River Penk from the bridge.

John bought iron oxide paint, impact glue, firelighters and black fire cement from the farm shop, for use when he fits the new cast iron chimney collar.

Later, we got out the sandpaper and wood oil to improve the look of the cratch doors and galley hatch, plus give our new stool a second coat.

We enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine here, too. It’s lovely to be able to have all the hatches and doors open!

Tennis from the Queens Club, football and reading concluded our day.

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