Saturday, 29 May 2021

Goodbyes to Yorkshire and new friends

Saturday May 29 Salterforth to Foulridge Tunnel, Nelson  and past Reedley Marina (10 miles, 7 locks)

After a pleasant meal and drinks last night with Graham and Wendy, we said goodbye to them and NB Down the Hatch again, who have accompanied us since we were near Doncaster. It’s great to get to know new folk, help each other through locks and swing bridges, and laugh together about life’s vicissitudes.

The two miles to Foulridge is green, misty and as beautiful as ever. We passed East Lancs and West Yorkshire Boat Club on the way to the tunnel. Red and Green traffic lights control the one way flow of boats. Westward traffic may pass through the tunnel on the hour for ten minutes. Eastward traffic may pass on the half hour, for ten minutes. 

The tunnel was a bit wet! Emerging from the tunnel twenty minutes later, we weren’t too impressed with the new LED headlight. I will try connecting the full beam too, as dip and side light were not bright enough.

The weather had turned cloudy, dull and spitting a bit with rain as we approached Barrowford locks and reservoir. After using the services by the top lock, we found several friendly and efficient CRT Volunteers who helped us down all seven locks. Many thanks to you all, especially Peter and Julie.

Just past bridge 141D, we passed the winding hole and moored at the plastic Pendleton Council visitor mooring to water up and have lunch.

Because of COVID alerts around here, we decided to continue a few miles through Nelson to a bit of countryside near Reedley Marina. 

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