Friday, 21 May 2021

On to Shipley and Saltaire

 Friday May 21 Pushing and pulling to Shipley (4 miles, 3 locks, 5 swb)

Our late dads’ birthdays were yesterday and today: We remember them always. 

Once the rain reduced to a gentle drizzle, we set off from Dobson 2 Rise CRT services and passed NB Emily and smithy butty Bronte. 

We have missed chatting to Jane and Brian Greaves, whose blacksmith skills have helped us greatly in the past on several occasions around the system. We expected to see them in Skipton, where we believed they had been staying through COVID.

Norman (Min) struggled with the stiff and heavy swing bridge 212, so much so that John had to help pull the bridge closed again with the stern rope. Single handers, good luck!

 Bluebell woods abutted the canal as we cruised slowly, enjoying the drier weather. We passed a vast water treatment plant. 

The  Field 3 Rise staircase locks near Esholt have heavy gates and very stiff ground paddles, some needing two people to turn them. We managed, while Min and Graham helmed the two narrowboats. Ground paddles first  so gate paddles didn’t drown the boats. Some needed vandal/water conservation  keys.

The two boat crews shared duties at the five swing bridges. Only the last was electric.Graham and Wendy continued to Saltaire,a short distance further, while we moored at Shipley at the tiny stone Gallows Wharf 24h visitor mooring  and stocked up at Aldi.

Later, we walked the short distance to Saltaire Mill and visited the art galleries which included Hockney and others, and Salts Diner for decent Mochas. I have included photos of  some relevant information boards we saw. The adjacent River Aire weir was violent, with new fish and eel ladders.

Playing pontoon on Annie, our mooring was visited by families of Canada and Greylag geese enjoying the long grass.

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